2RAW4FM on Psychopathic Radio Relaunch Rescheduled

2RAW4FM Will be back on Psychopathic Radio Shortly here what the official information

These are busy times around the Psychopathic Records Headquarters with much flavor in the works including The Gathering of the Juggalos, Psychopathic’s mystery artist, ICP’s MASSIVE Mighty Death Pop Tour, plus much more. With every Ninja in the buildin’ workin’ overtime to get the flavor in line it has caused us to have to reschedule the relaunch of Psychopathic Radio. This is not a decision we made lightly, but we wanted to be confident that we were givin’ the ‘Los and ‘Lettes the best broadcasting we could create and we did not feel this week was the correct time to debut the New of Psychopathic Radio. We assure you that you will not have to wait long and that the highly anticipated relaunch of Psychopathic Radio will be comin’ your way around mid-May! Just stay tuned and we’ll have an official date comin’ for that ass soon! Until then, we thank y’all for your understandin’ and look forward to showin’ you guys what we got planned.

More info @ InsaneClownPosse.com


2RAW4FM & Psychopathic Radio will be on an indefinite hiatus during remodeling @ The Station

Psychopathicradio.com is always trying to find new and thrilling ways to bring high quality free streaming flavor to the ‘Los and ‘Lettes out there! We’re always tryin’ to push ourselves to expand and it’s that time again! Psychopathicradio.com is movin’ on up!


Psychopathic Radio is making the move to an even bigger studio! This means more space for all the madness our radio hosts have in store for the viewers chillin’ at home! But that isn’t all of it! There is a MEGA FUCK TON OF FRESHNESS comin’ your way! This includes a new format! New personalities! New segments! Peeling back your face piece and slappin’ you in the skull with NEW!


The final episode of the current incarnation of psychopathicradio.com will broadcast Thursday, November 8th from 9PM – 1AM EST. It’s Sounds of the D hosted by Doe Dubbla! After that show psychopathicradio.com will be on an indefinite hiatus during remodeling!


Just keep your eyes HERE on psychopathicradio.com for more details and updates! Much luv from the hosts, interns, and everyone behind the scenes here at Psychopathic Radio! THE ONLY RADIO STATION THAT MATTERS!