The Zone Column-Fes Roc-1,20,2010

The Zone
by Origix
(January 20, 2010)

Off the blocks of Detroit’s Westside comes Fes Roc. You may have heard him on most of Elzhi’s albums or with Nick Speed, iLLite or Ro Spit getting a verse in on their music. But the time has finally come to focus on his own music. A packed release party at the Blind Pig for his new EP, Audio Visual, was something like a 3D listening experience of raw street-edge music with different color concepts thrown together on audio. Fes Roc explains, “This EP will introduce me back to the game because I’ve been around since the hip-hop shop days. Then life got real, so I took a hiatus from it. But I never stopped writing.” A couple years ago, Fes Roc and his partner iLLite formed Kic Sounds, an independent label to push each other’s releases, inspired by Slum Village, Phat Kat, Magestik Legend and others that have given them the confidence that they can get heard.

What you can hear on Audio Visual are stories of the block — raw rhyming over cuts and beats by Zhaoski, Vitamin D, Jay Hask and other Subterraneous crew members. Check it out and be on the look-out this spring for his full-length: Hustle. Visit  | RDW

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2Raw4fm The Zone Radio Podcast January 1st 2010 Happy New Year

Skillz-2009 Rap Up
Detroit Riots (Fat Ray, Ro Spit, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marv Won, One Be Lo, Buff 1, Fatt Father) – Acapulco Gold
The Lyricists Ft. Mike Melton-Man on fire
Freeway & Jake One-Know What I Mean
Jern Eye ft. Guilty Simpson -So and So
Cormega-Make It Clear
Slum Village Ft.Young RJ- Nitro
Keef Courage Zone Radio Flow Promo
J-Hill aka Jimmy The Saint Ft. Moe Dirdee-Dirdee Saints
Obie Trice Ft.Deuce Wonder -Roughnecks Street Vinnie Paz Ft. The Clipse- Street Wars
Identical -Lose control (Kidd Remix)
Twiztid- Psycho Killer


The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Feb/March 2008-Vol.3

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Feb/March 2008-Vol. 3

1. Intro-Origix & DC
2. Willie the Kid-Live at the Regal
3. Fat Ray w/ Guilty Simpson –Bad Man
4. I-Dash-Thumper Chrome
5. Artfull Dodgers w/ J.U.I.C.E.-Majestic Mics
6. Quest Mcody-Fade Back
7. Origix & DC
8. Top Villianz-Can’t Wait
9. Slum Village-Feels So Good
10.Akrobatik w/ Talib Kwile-Put ya stamp on it
11.Abrasive Method-Knomad’s Land
12.Swifty Mcvay w/Monica Blair-Really Want
13.Origix & DC
15.LA The Darkman-Check
16.Idenitcal w/ J.Rose-On da Luv
17.Guilty Simpson-Getting Riches
18.Origix & DC (Reformed Ill)-Check Out
19.Outro-Origix & DC

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Real Detroit Weekly-The Loop

The Loop (May 5-11, 2004)
Real Detroit Weekly
By Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier


When it comes to radio these day’s, stations that offer local support are few and far between. Corporate-owned commercial radio is dominated with music backed by major label money and power. Luckily, college radio has become a savior to underground hip-hop. Radio show like “The Zone” on Henry Ford community College’s 89.3-FM WHFR have become an avenue for local and underground artists to get some shine on the FM dial. The shows hosts, Origix and D.C., Recently celebrated their second year on the air with live in-studio guests Bareda and J-Hill,. During its two-year reign, “The Zone” include Phat Kat, Athletic Mic League, King Gordy, Bizzy Bone, Mastamind , Slum Village and many more in addition to the regular show, the pair has also helped throw many live events, such as the First Annual WHFR Hip-Hop Basketball game ,The Downriver Hip-Hop Jam and the Green Halloween show. In a game dominated by corporate machined, “The Zone” gives us an outlet to hear new music from some of the illest local and underground talent. “The Zone” airs every Saturday night in Detroit on 89.3 FM From 8p.m.-12a.m.., and for those outside the station’s range, the web cast can be heard at