This Friday March 5th Origix & D.C Live w/Motown Rage ALL AGES @ The Rack N Roll

What do you get when Hip-Hop, Rock and Online radio come together under one roof? You get the first event this year that you can not miss. Friday March 5th, with the top notch sound of The Rack-N-Roll, join Mo-Town Rage fresh off their Hatchet House Record release “Us Or Against Us”.  Sharing the stage with underground veterans Origix & D.C, as they make their first 2010 Detroit area appearance in support of the album “The Resume”.  Other special guest appearances include Down River natives, Waste Management, The Red Hour and Rtkul8 as they bring the noise to your ears. All performances will be streamed live online and recorded for broadcast on Get there early and be ready for a historic show.  Doors are at 9:00pm this event is all ages, cheap drinks! 18+ only $6 under 18- $10 at the door. See you at the Rack-N-Roll, 13634 Sibley Rd in Riverview, MI 48193.  Brought to you by The Olin Ezra Show and 2 Raw 4

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The Zone Column-The Rack-N-Roll- 3,3,2010 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(March 3, 2010)

In the Metro Detroit Area, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of places to go out and experience live local and national music.  Being that we have one of the most thriving music scenes in the country, talent is easy to find but sometimes it is hard to find a place to play.  You can find bars on almost any major road, on the other hand finding a quality venue is a lot harder.  Many people have to visit Downtown or go out to Ann Arbor to get that feel, unless you know about the hidden gem downriver; “The Rack-N-Roll” a concert venue with a local bar appeal where you can meet good people and have good times.  Unlike many bars that have to go by an eighteen and older age policy The Rack-N-Roll is able to open their doors to fans of all ages depending on the show, giving the younger generation a chance to witness upcoming music as well as play pool with friends. “We want to be The Machine Shop (well know, metal venue in Flint) of Downriver. We want to be the place everyone wants to play and we are getting there”. Club promoter Tiny states.

What sets The Rack-N-Roll apart from other places?  Tiny answers, “we book everything from rock, metal, hip-hop, rap, country, death metal, acoustic music, whatever. We do not discriminate musically”.  With a nice sized stage and top-notch sound, this place is somewhere you need to see a show.  Artists like Bizarre, Pistol Day Parade, Crackjaw, Ikkurruz, Ray Street Park and so many more have played there. The Rack-N-Roll is involved in doing many community events with upcoming charity shows, A Tribute to the Troops show will have all profits going to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund on March 27th    The “Cancer Sucks” benefit is supporting Tiny’s dad, Tim Cook on April 10th.  This Friday, March 5th see Mo-Town Rage, Origix & D.C. along with Waste Management, The Red Hour and Rtkul8, this will be a show you do not want to miss.  Doors are at 9pm, all ages, more info visit The Rack N Roll is located at 13634 Sibley Rd in Riverview, MI 48193. MCB

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The Zone Column- Rtkul8-2,17,2010 MCB

The Zone
by Origix

(February 17,2010)

Rtkul8 is back with his sophomore release “Rebel8shunz” after making a statement with his debut “”Rtkul8 808” where his passion for hip-hop would give him the motivation to strive to keep going and record another album. “Rebel8shunz” is based on The Book of Revelations as well as his own research into counter-culture and “esoteric”/ conspiracy movement. Rtkul8 explains, “It is basically my modern re-telling of prophecies that entire cultures have been formed around since the beginning of time. It is told from a narrative and first person perspective in which the main character Tommy/Rtkul8 falls asleep and has a vision of the world the way it was, the way it is, and the way it will be. It is basically the story of my journey over the last few years, including my little brother Chad’s suicide, my family falling apart as well as forced self reflection. That’s where I came up with “Rebel8shunz”; it is my animal instincts and human nature to rebel against these revelations”.

This Downriver resident was born in California and raised in the Detroit area, giving him a different look on music influenced by G-Funk, So-cal punk, and Detroit Techno. All the sounds that came from the West Coast and Mo-town have given him a social awareness of the power of lyrics. “I love all of that music but I would have to say the best sound as far as hip-hop are Detroit MC’s , they are hungrier than most, especially in the Downriver/ Southwest area.” Look for projects he has in the works with producers overseas from U.K. and Australia. Plans are in the work for an April release party at Division Street Art Gallery in the Eastern Market. See him live with Mo-Town Rage, Origix &D C., Waste Management and The Red Hour at the Rack N Roll on Friday, March 5th in Riverview, MI, all Ages. More info at |MCB

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The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Spring-Summer 2009-Vol. 8

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Spring-Summer 2009-Vol. 8

1.Intro-Origix & DC
2.V-Stylez Ft Royce Da 5′9, Big Pooh, Elzhi, Phat Kat – Clash of the Titans
3.Moe Dirdee -You Dont Belong in Detroit
4.Waste Mgn-New Rap Era
5.Kodac-Picture That
6.Miz Korona-Like A Zoo
7.Origix & DC
8.Ajax -Long Way Down
9.Top Authority & Do or Die-Strugglin
11.Stoopz N Breeze-Number 13
12.Stretch Money ft.Gille The Kid- Wit Out a Doubt
13.Origix & DC
14.J-Bone -My Demo
15.The Kick Drums-Just A Game
16.Rtkul8 ft.Metasyons-The Mitten Smackdown
17.The Red Hour -Thes Kings
18.Origix & DC-Static (Demo Version)
19.Outro-Origix & DC

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The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –FALL 2008-VOl.6.

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –FALL 2008-VOl.6.

2.Miz Korona-Banga
3.Quest Mcody-Get em Cody
4.Rtkul8-Breath Easy
5.Dope Head & Chips-Turn it up
6.Masta Ace-Slaughtahouse-Eminem Rmx-
7.Origix & DC
8.Lodown-Sucka Free
9.Smartz-Just a Taste
10.Idiot Savant-Manifest Destiny
12.Street Justice-Da Da
13.Origix & DC
14.Marquise Porter-We Almost Lost Detroit
15.Magnif w/Grand Puba-Heaterz
16.Diablo & Swifty-Free
17.Grave Plott & BG Bulletwound,Kutt Calhoun,Skatterman & Snug Brim-In The Streets
18.Miz Korona-Dope
19.Origix & DC (Reformed Ill)-Side Hustle

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