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Dear Listeners and supporters of The Zone Radio With Origix & D.C, as of April 20th 2017, the radio program has been on air for 15 years on 89.3 making us Detroit’s longest running hip hop show. The program started out as two friends who went to school for radio and loved local music with a goal to create a platform to expose the artists we listened to.

On May 6th 2017 The Zone Radio will broadcast it’s last show and officially retire our format on 89.3 Over the time period of 15 years, we were fortunate to have been part of many memorable moments and experiences. We feel In today’s industry of technology and media being digital college radio just does not have the same effect as it once did for the independent music scene. One of the main reasons The Zone Radio became a show was to be able to get new music in the ears of listeners and help in the process of developing the artists.

When we started out broadcasting college radio, back in those days the platform played a big part in breaking new artists which lead to us to be the first radio show in Metro Detroit to expose underground acts from all over the globe. We always had an open door policy and as long as you were putting a quality effort into getting your music heard we would play and interview the artist on air. This was before the internet became a daily mobile habit and we took pride in being one of the only and first outlets to expose their music. With the boom of streaming music digitally online this changed the way the listeners get their music and the way artists present their music.

Nobody knows what the future holds…another live radio program and mixtapes may be in the future. We won’t stop our mission statement of being a platform for the underground .You can find us on

We would like to thank all of our listeners who has ever tuned in and believe in us. A sincere Thanks to the staff for giving us a chance to be on air personalities on FM radio.

Origix & D.C.