The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –April/May 2008-Vol.4

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –April/May 2008-Vol.4

1. Intro-Origix & DC
2. Fatt Father–Detroit Playaz
3. D.Allie w/ PL-Let It Knock
4. Kidz In The Hall-Drivin Down The Block
5. Mike Green-Spit It Again
6. Mr.Wrong-Get Your Hustle On
7. Origix & DC
8. Young Zone-Fat Gold Chain
9. Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson-Nightmare (84 Tigers Remix)
10.Chief –Cash Rules
11.God Bros-Rowdy
12.One Be Lo-Rebirth
13.Origix –Dehydrator
14.Origix & DC
16.Dice-Dice Iz King
17. Guilty Simpson-Home Invazion
18. Ill Uno-Detroit I Luv ya
19.Fat Ray–Get Blowed
20. Origix & DC (Reformed Ill)-Sewer World
21. Outro-Origix & DC

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Real Detroit Weekly-Dope

Dope (April 18-24,2007)
Real Detroit Weekly
By Tom Matich

Between my iPod, MacBook, car stereo and MTV jams, I don’t listen to the radio much these days. Not to mention the two corporate urban radio station in Detroit play the same eight songs like it was going out of style.

College radio, however, is some pretty cool shit. I once had a show , but I got too irritated with editing out the “dirty words” in rap so i stuck with playing Interpol and Pinback Records.

For the past five years, The Zone Radio on 89.3 WHFR.FM ( has been the official spot for underground hip-hop. Hosted by Origix and DC every Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight, Zone is like the SNL of rap radio: guests, performances and airwaves flowing with that Midwest magic. How do they do it? “We did it by having a vision that the music we listen to could be heard by others, “Origix says. “We went to school, took the proper courses to get into radio”. Once we got an opportunity to do a show we just started letting heads know we support local hip-hop, hit the streets and hip-hop spots hard with flyers. we never really knew that five years from now we would have built what we have so far in the hip-hop community.” Origix and DC Have had tons of artists you read about in this very column. How ’bout that ?

Celebrate their Fifth Anniversary at The Bullfrog on April 19 with special guests Buff 1,Paradime, Bareda, Rhyme Asylum and many more.

Real Detroit Weekly-The Loop

The Loop (May 5-11, 2004)
Real Detroit Weekly
By Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier


When it comes to radio these day’s, stations that offer local support are few and far between. Corporate-owned commercial radio is dominated with music backed by major label money and power. Luckily, college radio has become a savior to underground hip-hop. Radio show like “The Zone” on Henry Ford community College’s 89.3-FM WHFR have become an avenue for local and underground artists to get some shine on the FM dial. The shows hosts, Origix and D.C., Recently celebrated their second year on the air with live in-studio guests Bareda and J-Hill,. During its two-year reign, “The Zone” include Phat Kat, Athletic Mic League, King Gordy, Bizzy Bone, Mastamind , Slum Village and many more in addition to the regular show, the pair has also helped throw many live events, such as the First Annual WHFR Hip-Hop Basketball game ,The Downriver Hip-Hop Jam and the Green Halloween show. In a game dominated by corporate machined, “The Zone” gives us an outlet to hear new music from some of the illest local and underground talent. “The Zone” airs every Saturday night in Detroit on 89.3 FM From 8p.m.-12a.m.., and for those outside the station’s range, the web cast can be heard at