The Zone Coulmn-Awesome Dre-2,27,2010

The Zone
by Origix
(January 27, 2010)

When you recollect hip-hop pioneers of the late-’80s, many names spring to mind. One of them, Awesome Dre, a Detroit native, laid the blueprint for the cutting-edge hip-hop music that we are so familiar with today.

In 1987, he released his first 12-inch record, Hardcore, on Jorlands Records, an independent Midwest label; back in the days when labels still had a looming presence in the music industry. Even his chart topping 1989 album/single, “You Can’t Hold Me Back,” is worthy enough of Motown Museum status. In explaining what he’s up to these days, Dre says he “got frustrated for a minute,” but was kept focused by the blessings of close friends and family. “Almost everywhere I went, my fans would ask me when I was coming out with some new music.”

Back on the scene with new material and an even newer passion for music, Awesome Dre has released a new album, Top Tens, and has poured plenty of his muscle and sweat into his cousin Doe Dubbla’s Stackn double albums. Because of his friendship with ICP’s Violent J he has been opened up to a new fan base: the Juggalos.

In addition to his musical masterpieces, Dre has appeared alongside Todd Bridges (he of Different Strokes fame) in the feature film Big Money Rustlers. You can hear him monthly on his Internet radio show on  | RDW

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