2RAW4FM.com Halloween Wicket Podcast w/Origix

1.ICP-Dead Pumpkins
2.Ice Cube & Dr.Dre-Natural Born Killaz
3.House Of Krazees-The Mask
4.Tech N9ne- Psycho Bitch
5.Natas- Life After Death
6.Dayton Family-Nutty Niggaz
7.A.B.K. ,Ajax,Strict- All Hallows Day
8.Mystikal-Out That Boot Camp Click
9.Project Born w/ICP-Graveyard
10.The Geto Boys-Assassins
11.The Geto Boys -My Minds Playing Tricks on me
12.Kottonmouth Kings-My Minds Playing Tricks on me
13.Twiztid-Rock The Dead
14.ICP-Dead Body Man
15.D-12-Devils Night
16.Esham-Devils Night

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