Origix & D.C-Discography


Origix & D.C-The Resume-2009 (CD/Online)
Origix & D.C-Final Mix-2006 (CD/Online)
FI-Staarz-On Bump-2001 (CD)
Reformed Illuzionz-Tha E.P.-1999 (CD/Cassette)
Origix-Blow Up-1998-(Cassette)
Reformed Illuzionz-Rookiez Ov The Year-1997(Cassette)
Origix-Bac 2 Da Lab-1996 (Cassette)


Static (Demo Version)-2009-2raw4fm Vol.7
Something to smoke to-2009–2raw4fm Vol.6
Sewer World-2008-2raw4fm Vol.4
Dehydrator-2008-2raw4fm Vol.4
Check Out (Demo Version)-2008-2raw4fm Vol.3
Midi Connect w/Excel–2008-2raw4fm Vol.2
Remedy for Detroit-2007-Detroit Remedy Clothing  Mix tape Vol.2


The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Jan/Feb 2008-Vol.2

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Jan/Feb 2008-Vol. 2

1. Intro-Origix & DC
2. Street Justice w/ Supa Emcee, Marv Won, Fatt Father, Mark EP, Miz Korona, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk & Fat Ray –What’s Going On
3. Dante w/ One Be Lo-Squawk & Roll (Fixtape Mix)
4. Guilty Simpson-Make It Fast
5. Kulayd w/ MC Eiht and Diablo-Raw, Blow, and Hydro
6. Rhymefest w/ Talib Kweil-Never Can Say Good Bye
7. Origix & DC
8. Marv Won –Right Back
9. T-Mazz-Go Head Baby
10. Ajax w/A.B.K.-By any means
11. Project Born-Hustlin
12. D.A. Smart-Walk Wit Me (The Rebirth)
13. Origix & DC
14. Alpha-bet / Jay-Z- Fallen (Remix)
15. Octane & Illite-Talk a Lil Grease
16. Mac Lethal-Mallory Knox
17. V-Stylez, OC & Royce Da 5’9”- 1st To Rise (Moss Remix)
18. Origix & DC (Reformed Ill) w/ Excel- Midi Connect
19. Outro-Origix & DC

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