The Zone Column-Fes Roc-1,20,2010

The Zone
by Origix
(January 20, 2010)

Off the blocks of Detroit’s Westside comes Fes Roc. You may have heard him on most of Elzhi’s albums or with Nick Speed, iLLite or Ro Spit getting a verse in on their music. But the time has finally come to focus on his own music. A packed release party at the Blind Pig for his new EP, Audio Visual, was something like a 3D listening experience of raw street-edge music with different color concepts thrown together on audio. Fes Roc explains, “This EP will introduce me back to the game because I’ve been around since the hip-hop shop days. Then life got real, so I took a hiatus from it. But I never stopped writing.” A couple years ago, Fes Roc and his partner iLLite formed Kic Sounds, an independent label to push each other’s releases, inspired by Slum Village, Phat Kat, Magestik Legend and others that have given them the confidence that they can get heard.

What you can hear on Audio Visual are stories of the block — raw rhyming over cuts and beats by Zhaoski, Vitamin D, Jay Hask and other Subterraneous crew members. Check it out and be on the look-out this spring for his full-length: Hustle. Visit  | RDW

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The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Spring-Summer 2009-Vol. 8

The Zone Radio 2 RAW 4 FM –Spring-Summer 2009-Vol. 8

1.Intro-Origix & DC
2.V-Stylez Ft Royce Da 5′9, Big Pooh, Elzhi, Phat Kat – Clash of the Titans
3.Moe Dirdee -You Dont Belong in Detroit
4.Waste Mgn-New Rap Era
5.Kodac-Picture That
6.Miz Korona-Like A Zoo
7.Origix & DC
8.Ajax -Long Way Down
9.Top Authority & Do or Die-Strugglin
11.Stoopz N Breeze-Number 13
12.Stretch Money ft.Gille The Kid- Wit Out a Doubt
13.Origix & DC
14.J-Bone -My Demo
15.The Kick Drums-Just A Game
16.Rtkul8 ft.Metasyons-The Mitten Smackdown
17.The Red Hour -Thes Kings
18.Origix & DC-Static (Demo Version)
19.Outro-Origix & DC

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