The Zone Column by Origix Events on the 16th- 4,14,10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix

(April 14,2010)

This weekend we have many reason to get out the house and have a blast, From Downriver to the east side to the west side Burbs this Friday there are many hip-hop events going on. The weather nice baseball back in season and for the smoking crowd get out to the bar and Fire it up before the big smoking band goes in place this May.

The Zone Column-Waste Management- 2,3,2010

The Zone
by Origix
(February 3, 2010)

Reppin’ the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park and keeping the streets clean, Waste Management is on the job cleaning up garbage rappers around the area. Group members JRN and Pig Pen go back to middle school where they first met. “We both were into making music a little bit on our own, nothing serious, until we started making tracks together in about 2005,” JRN explains. “Then, we got expelled from school for a track we did and it was on!” Now, both 20-years old and full-time college students, they’re working on overcoming album set backs. For the last two years, Waste Management has been working on their second and most solid album to date, First Things First. They did drop a debut album, My Town, when they where 17 in 2007, but now they are focusing on the best elements of hip-hop from the past and present.

On First Things First, Pig Pen handles production while JRN kills mics. Only a few collaborations appear, one being with C.Reid and the other with downriver natives Aztek the Barfly as well as Da Bash Brotherz. “It took two years, but both of us are on a much higher level, talent-wise. Besides getting better, nothing’s changed — same mindset, just hungrier,” JRN concludes. The album is available now on I-Tunes and at  | RDW

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The Zone Column-Pig Pen-1,13,2010

The Zone
by Origix
(January 13, 2010)

Downriver’s own Pig Pen got into producing after becoming a DJ seven years ago when he got his first pair of turntables. Then, with a growing obsession for the Beastie Boys in their Hello Nasty days, he wanted to be like Mix Master Mike. The first step towards following in his footsteps would be doing his own thing. After he got the Roland Sp 303 a year later it was on, and he was learning production. Now strapped with an Akai MPC 2500 and beat battle credentials from the Red Bull Battles to the Lager House, he’s on the path to good things. Pig Pen is already making a name in the Detroit scene with his group Waste Management and by doing the bulk of the group’s production as well as beat placement on The Regiments, Bash Bros and many other 2010 releases.

What does Pig Pen want out of producing?  “Honestly my goal is just to be a respected producer from this area.” Now that Waste Management’s album First Things First is finished you will soon hear more of him.  Look for an instrumental album, Beaties, of all his favorite beats made throughout last year and see him spin live Friday, January 15 at The Bullfrog. Visit  | RDW

Pig Pen • 1/15 • The Bullfrog
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The Zone Radio 2 Raw 4 FM VOL.7 THE WINTER MELT DOWN 09

The Zone Radio 2 Raw 4 FM VOL.7 THE WINTER MELT DOWN 09

1. Intro-Origix & DC
2. The Lyricists-Transmittin Live!
3. Lazarus-Paper Trailz.
4. Magnif ft.Stretch Money-Purple Green
5. Gza & Bronze Nazareth-7 Pounds
6. Royce 59-Shake It
7. Origix & DC
8. Bash Bros-I Say
9. Chanes ft.Envy-Bundle Up
10. Soulstice-Chi World Wide
11. Aztek The Bar Fly-Move on It
12. R.A.B.S.-Hustler Man
13. Origix & DC
14. 5 ELA -Hater City
15. RENCEN-Boogie Man
16. Mid Coast Most-Good As it gets
17. Zo & A7-Time Line
18. Origix & DC-Something to Smoke to
19. Outro-Origix & DC

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