The Zone Column-Cold Men Young-5-5-10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(May, 5th, 2010)

This week’s crew has one of the best spins on a group name that I have heard in a while; “Cold Men Young” yes, they are using the ex mayor of Detroit’s name and giving it a hip-hop feel. Mic Write, Blak Smith, Young Phenom and Kopelli came together and unlike many other groups, their background comes from the spoken word, slam poets scene giving them a different out look on rhyming. Kopelli says, “We all had a mutual respect for each others individual skills, all thought each other were dope and just started doing stuff together, informally at first just as friends or emcees doing work together”.

Just over one year ago they set out to create their own brand of music and from the sounds of their tracks you would think they have been together for years. Mic Write explains, “We’re all about having fun and still displaying legit emcee skill. We all are real emcees with different styles. Kopelli is a little more melodic, I kind of come with the bars and the patterns and the cadence variations. Blaksmith has the bars and the “you better listen” and “rewind that” metaphors…Phenom is the aggressive beast with the punch lines”. On their freshmen effort project and album “Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget” they definitely bring something different to the table as far as emcees are concerned. While working with producers Jay Norm, Sheefy McFly, Jay Fab from The Olympicks and others, they have laid a solid foundation for Cold Men Young to build on. Down load “Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget” for free at

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