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#tbt The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -SUPA EMCEE-August 29th 2007


#tbt The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -APOLLO BROWN-August 27th 2008


#tbt The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -DANNY BROWN-July 9th 2008

The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -DANNY BROWN-July 9th 2008

danny brown

#tbt The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -NICK SPEED- September 26th 2007

#tbt The Zone column in Real Detroit Weekly -NICK SPEED- September 26th 2007





 Starting this Thursday every #tbt I will post articles from my column The Zone piece in Real Detroit Weekly I wrote for Rdw from August 15 2007 -Feb 9th 2010


The Zone Column by Origix -Street Justice-5-19-10

The Zone
by Origix
(May, 19th, 2010)

What’s up readers of The Zone? I have decided to take this column in another direction, I still will be writing exclusive pieces on artist’s but I also wanted to open my write up’s to Q & A Interviews.
The Column will now run every other week and on the off weeks I will be posting shows, reviews, new releases and other news.

This weeks subject is on one of the hardest working groups in Michigan; Inkster’s “Street Justice” Fresh from opening the Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek show at the Crofoot, a new video and free download project is now on the streets. Redd, Ketchphraz and Jypsy have a lot on their plate to talk about.

Origix: So what’s going on with the crew right now? What do you all have in the works?

Redd: We just dropped “Follow The Drip”. It’s not a mix tape. It’s not an album. It’s a collection of music.

Ketchphraze: We got the album “GO H.A.A.M!” coming up next! Yes, we’re finally dropping the official album, lol.

Jypsy: We’re building inspiration for the making of the project after “GO H.A.A.M!” because it has to be, if not better, just as incredible and phenomenal as the last one.

Origix: How was the Talib Kweli show for y’all? What where some of the highlights of the night?

Jypsy: To keep it 100 with you, everything happened so fast, it’s hard to remember. I remember sound check, smoking a blunt, and then literally rushing to the stage. After that, just enjoying the show.

Redd: The Talib show was awesome! I think that was one of the best performances we’ve ever had. Shouts to THEE STREET JUSTICE BAND: Sax, Amir, RJ, Big O, Jeff, Kamau, Duminie, and my sis Ideeyah!

Ketchphraze: The show went great! Despite me performing with pneumonia and the smoking law wasn’t in effect yet, it was an amazing show and good times man. I think the highlight was our homie, Duminie on the guitar solo. Killed it!!

Origix: How long have you been working on the new project? Explain, “Follow The Drip”. What’s the meaning and who is on it?

Ketchphraze: We started working on “Follow The Drip” in January. The concept behind it is simple: it’s a leak album. It’s something to keep the streets buzzing. We did ALL ORIGINAL material to silence the critics about us being mix tape crazy. It gave the people something new and refreshing to listen to ‘cause -lets be honest – it’s been a lot of BULLSHIT MUSIC in the last two years. We just make that contribution to Detroit Hip Hop and keep the movement going.

Jypsy: We’ve been trying to make an album since “Out 4 Just Us”. But, the name, the vibe, the substance of the album wasn’t there. So we did a ton of brainstorming and finally came up with the right vibe and name and went H.A.A.M! (Hard As A Muh’fucka! No homo.) Our Frat House/Varsity Club brothers are the only ones featuring.

Redd: Yep. What they said. “Follow The Drip” is available for free download at Shameless plug. Shameless plug.

Origix: You guys now have enough material to have an official album. Why have you not put out an album? What are you waiting on?

Redd: Waiting till the time and money is right. We gotta make sure the buzz is strong. No point in putting out a million dollar project with a thousand dollar budget.

Ketchphraze: Money. We could just throw something out here but why? We are independent as FUCK! We pay for everything out of pocket and your album has to be right. Can’t just throw some shit out there for folks to judge you on, mixing, mastering, packaging, promo, etc. The wait is well worth it! We got our shit together and people will definitely respect the way we put this record out.

Jypsy: If you don’t load your ammo properly, your gun is liable to jam. I’ll be damned if we put out an album this incredible and it does nothing. We’re taking foolproof steps to make sure it comes out the right way.

Origix: Who have y’all been doing rhymes and beats with lately? Anybody in particular you can name that might be a surprise?

Ketchphraze: Man, everybody! On the album just Saxappeal, Ideeyah, Apollo Brown, Peace Of Mind, and Nation.

Redd: I’m really digging the joints we’ve been doing with Nametag and Black Bethoven. I think we have a crazy vibe together. Got a couple joints from The Labtechs, too: 14KT and Forekast. Salute!

Jypsy: Don’t forget about 4mulaone and Oznoh from Spain.

Origix: What kind of shows you got going on?

Jypsy: Ask Redd.

Redd: LOL May 15th is the “50 for 5E” concert. It’s a fundraiser to help 5E Gallery move into their new building. May 30th is the People’s Choice Awards. (Make sure you vote for SJ at Lookout for your boy singing (yes, I said singing) the National Anthem June 5th at the Detroit Derby Girls game! “New Era Redd”. I wear SO many hats!

Ketchphraze: We have an unplugged style show being set up before we drop the record. That’s about all that’s set in stone.

Origix: You just released a video for “Breakin’ Rocks”. Can you explain the song?

Ketchphraze: “Breakin’ Rocks” is a song for the average American out here grinding for their family. It’s a recession; we all are feeling that shit and we are all doing what we must do to get by. It’s a motivational song for folks to get by too.

Redd: The song is all about your hustle. It’s about whatever you do to make sure you and yours eat.

Jypsy: It’s the soundtrack to getting money. Check it out on

Redd: Street Justice is your favorite group…ever!

The Zone Column-Cold Men Young-5-5-10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(May, 5th, 2010)

This week’s crew has one of the best spins on a group name that I have heard in a while; “Cold Men Young” yes, they are using the ex mayor of Detroit’s name and giving it a hip-hop feel. Mic Write, Blak Smith, Young Phenom and Kopelli came together and unlike many other groups, their background comes from the spoken word, slam poets scene giving them a different out look on rhyming. Kopelli says, “We all had a mutual respect for each others individual skills, all thought each other were dope and just started doing stuff together, informally at first just as friends or emcees doing work together”.

Just over one year ago they set out to create their own brand of music and from the sounds of their tracks you would think they have been together for years. Mic Write explains, “We’re all about having fun and still displaying legit emcee skill. We all are real emcees with different styles. Kopelli is a little more melodic, I kind of come with the bars and the patterns and the cadence variations. Blaksmith has the bars and the “you better listen” and “rewind that” metaphors…Phenom is the aggressive beast with the punch lines”. On their freshmen effort project and album “Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget” they definitely bring something different to the table as far as emcees are concerned. While working with producers Jay Norm, Sheefy McFly, Jay Fab from The Olympicks and others, they have laid a solid foundation for Cold Men Young to build on. Down load “Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget” for free at

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The Zone Column by Origix-2 RAW 4 FM Now on Psychopathic Radio -4-28-10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(April,28, 2010)

Live every last Thursday 11pm-1am (est) For over 8 years, radio veterans Origix & D.C have broadcasted The Zone Radio over the air waves of Detroit; bringing the freshest underground hip-hop to your ears. Now joining forces with Psychopathic, Origix & D.C bring their online show 2 RAW 4 FM to Wfuckoff. The program consists of exclusive interviews, uncensored music, give-a-way’s and theme shows. Listen in for the industries hottest independent artists on 2 RAW 4 FM as they drop knowledge about the history and future of the music game!

First Show Thursday April 29th 11pm-1am (est)

The Zone Column by Origix-JAYDUN- 4,21,10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(April,21, 2010)

If you have been out to a real hip-hop show around Detroit or took notice of the promotional flyer’s, chances are you have seen the name JAYDUN on the bill. This West Side Detroit Emcee has been hard at work in 2010 with his team at Aviator Entertainment; playing as many shows as they can to push his album Aviator that he dropped in 2009. JAYDUN explains, “Its all about networking and building relationships with like-minded people…people who I can help and people who can help me reach my dreams!”

He keeps a positive attitude along with positive music to shine a bright light on this dark city. His ambition keeps him humble and hungry to make an impact on the music game, he is already back in the studio working with Grammy Award winning engineer Todd Fairall. The Album features new cuts such as Rep My Name and The Truth, showing he has grown even more as a well rounded artist. For more info on him, visit and get ready, buckle your seat belt and prepare to take flight with the Aviator on Saturday, April 24Th as JAYDUN performs at The Zone Radio’s 8 Year Anniversary Party at PJ’s Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI along with Artfull Dodgers, Ikkurruz, Rising Sunz, B.l.a.k.e. Eerie with Dirtee Curt, Prophecy 313 and P-Dog The Turntable Bully.

R-I-P- Guru of Gang Starr. The Hip-Hop Legend died on April 19, 2010, after a long battle with multiple myeloma, he will be missed!

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The Zone Column by Origix Events on the 16th- 4,14,10 MCB

The Zone
by Origix

(April 14,2010)

This weekend we have many reason to get out the house and have a blast, From Downriver to the east side to the west side Burbs this Friday there are many hip-hop events going on. The weather nice baseball back in season and for the smoking crowd get out to the bar and Fire it up before the big smoking band goes in place this May.