The Mirror News-After Eight Years, Origix & D.C. are Still in The Zone

After Eight Years, Origix &  D.C. are Still in The Zone (October 29 2010)
The Mirror News
By Imani Harris

Origix and D.C. co-host of one of the greatest hip hop radio shows in Michigan. That’s because The Zone isn’t your typical show. First broadcast in 2002, The Zone is an extremely underground hip hop show that also offers great diversity within the genre.

“We’re different because we play everything from gangster rap to stuff like Twisted, and other shows generally just play one type,” said Origix. Another way in which they differ is that they stay extremely active within the hip hop community in Detroit and work hard to help anyone trying to help themselves.

The two met in Junior High school, sharing an infatuation with hip hop and what it stands for. From then on, the chemistry was magic. They later formed their own group, which has undergone many name changes (some they can’t remember), and began making music to get their voice and opinions out. After getting the chance to hear their music on the radio—ironically, on a show on Henry Ford Community College’s radio station, WHFR (89.3FM and—they went into the field of radio broadcasting. They were looking for a change from the other outlets around the area and to help other artists like themselves.

“Generally, artists have to make their own way because there is no industry here for them to turn to,” said Origix.

When asked why they chose underground over mainstream, they agreed that today’s underground scene is what they considered mainstream back in the 80s and 90s. Mainstream has changed drastically; it is full of watered-down, generic, pop influence, with just enough twist to still be associated with the hip hop genre. Underground hip hop, however, has a sense of gritty and raw artistic vision that will never alter or change over time. Also, there is no platform in commercial radio for the type of show that they produce.

In April 2002 they broadcast their first live show on WHFR, and it was, not surprisingly, a success. They reached out to a following and a gang of artists who were thirsty for a change from the norm. Since then, the show has reached the top, and is still growing with the addition of their website,, and multiple internet broadcasts.

As far as an official—or even a ball park—number of listeners, the two say that they don’t know because they get new listeners every day and they do not get ratings, so there is no way to keep track of all of them. One thing they know is that they make an impact, and they get to see the results all of the time. They are the ones who actually go out on the scene and interact with the people…and get a lot of love for what they do. They, in turn, get joy from seeing how they help artists get out there; they get to see the artist from the beginning of their career to the point where they make it big.

“It is satisfying to help many artists, and to play a key role in hip hop today,” said Origix.

They both said that this is a hobby, but on a serious level; it’s something embedded in their hearts. When asked how, after eight years, they can keep coming back with new ideas to keep the show fresh, DC replied, “It’s just something that comes naturally.”

The duo also agrees that there are a lot of options in radio to get different types of music, and a lot of ways to access them as well. One way is through their official website ( The site is a direct connection to their internet show (also named 2raw4fm), downloads of their albums, official merchandise, contact information, and upcoming events. In fact, the two have an event on November 18 at The Lager House, where they will perform live along with Cold Men Young, Progress Report, and a few others.

Origix and DC are, arguably, two of the Midwest’s greatest accomplishments and visionaries in the area of underground hip hop, and will be around for a while keeping listeners happy with the music they play and produce. So be sure to check out The Zone every Monday night, from 9:00 p.m. to midnight on WHFR, HFCC’s “station making waves.”

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