The Zone Column-Stir Crazy- 3,30,2010 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(March 31, 2010)

In today’s music game, sometimes I wonder if new formats will be created; such as the days of when hip-hop was a new genre to our ears. The only way we can evolve is to have new blood pumped into the scene and this week’s subject is just that. From the city to the suburbs, twenty two year old “Stir Crazy” has been busy daily, producing bangers. In the day and age of most production being created on computers, Stir Crazy still keeps it old school by using hands-on hardware sequencing. One recent project he produced “Dood Computer” was first released only on cassette tape with a free digital download card. Stir crazy Explains, “Once I had a keyboard/piano in front of me it took up my life” he ad’s “I would say I do hip hop with metal and rock influences with a splash of wicked and darkness at times.” In 2003, Stir Crazy was created and influenced by his dad’s friend and mentor DJ Rec who was a part of Eminem’s crew in the 90’s. Rec produced beats and did DJ work on many of Eminem’s older work.

Now with a catalog and endless hours of studio time Stir crazy’s music has appeared on Bizarre, Project Pat, Tech N9ne, ICP, Twzitid, and many others releases. His long relationship with Shaggy 2 Dope’s younger brother Tre Pound got him placement on a couple of Psychopathic records. “Some people just click and I really love and respect their whole family as they all have helped me out a lot. With out them I would not even be close to where I am now. No one else could give you the type of motivation and work ethics like they can.” Stir crazy states. Check out his other CD’s with Ikkurruz ,T.O.N.E-z as well as his new absolutely free “InSTIRmentals” project at

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