The Zone Column-Black Bethoven- 3,10,2010 MCB

The Zone
by Origix
(March 10, 2010)

Black Bethoven comes from a musically inclined family.  His younger Brother “Nametag” has laced rhymes over many of Bethoven’s beats, or maybe you have heard the production of his younger cousin “Black Milk”; I think it is safe to say that being a producer runs in the family.  “I can remember so many times when a barbecue would turn into a show with my mom and dad singing with my aunties and uncles harmonizing to a tee!  From the Temptations, Dramatics, The Stylistics, singing word for word, it bounded all of us and kept us together,” Black Beethoven explains. At an early age he would sing in the choir learning music notes, playing in a Jazz Band gave him the foundation that would lead him to making hip-hop.  Now doing production work on the computer, Software Reason has opened his ear up to endless possibilities.  With beat placement on all of Nametags releases, Jigsaw, Moe Dirdee, 5 Ela, Street Justice and many others, this husband and father of five has his hands full.

Black Bethoven say’s “Detroit influences me, I love the energy.  From the shows we channel art, its amazing what the world is missing in Detroit.”  Now, with the proper tools and knowledge of the old school he is proving he is the future of the mo-town sound.  Download free; Nametag’s “Soul System E.P,” where he produced every track and visit him on face book MCB.

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