The Zone Column-Top 15 of 09-12,30,2009

The Zone
by Origix
(December 30, 2009)

Hope you got a bigger iPod for the holidays, because another year of hip-hop has come and gone. Wow, time flew by in 2009; we have seen Eminem make his return to the public eye and ICP drop a cult classic.  Royce da 5’9″ tied Detroit to super group Slaughterhouse, giving our area shine on a worldwide level. Representing the underground proudly, in no particular order here my top 15 of ’09.

Zo and Asylum 7 — Overdue Process
Twiztid — W.I.C.K.E.D.
United States of Mind (USM) — Kill the Bullshit
Stoopz N Breeze — Turn Up the Smooth
Royce da 5’9” — Street Hop
Ro Spit — The Oh Sh#t Project
Finale — A Pipe Dream and a Promise
The Lyricists — Transmittin Live!
Stryfe — City of God
D.Allie — Live @ The Get Up
Dub MD & Nametag — Classic Cadence (Vol. 2)
J-Bone — Bone Appetit
Kodac — UnClassified
GozGod — GozGod
The Regiment — A New Beginning  | RDW

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