Real Detroit Weekly-Character Sketch

Character Sketch (August 20, 2008)
Real Detroit Weekly
By Travis R. Wright

Origix & D.C.
Radio Warriors

Perhaps the only thing better than getting to realize one of your life goals is being able to share it with one of your best friends. Such is the case of WHFR radio personalities Origix and D.C., who not only host the most Detroit-dedicated rap show in the city, The Zone, which airs Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to midnight, but they also host and maintain, where you can find uncut and entertainingly explicit tracks from underground Detroit and Midwest acts that you might’ve not yet stumbled across. “D.C. and I go way back,“ says Origix. “We met in junior high in Taylor — he liked hip-hop and I liked hip-hop so we started kickin’ it. Eventually, we started to make music ourselves and the rest is history.”

About the time they were both 16-years-old, Origix moved to Dearborn Heights and the two started to travel about and, as Origix said, find places to “get into no good,” like the Gibralter Trade Center. While the two connected on rap staples like Dr. Dre, NWA, Nas and KRS-1, they also discovered the local scene at Gibralter’s L.A. Disc, where they got hip to acts like Esham and Awol.

After high school, D.C. enrolled at Henry Ford Community College and started studying telecommunications. “At first, it was the basics, editing and splicing tape,” notes D.C., “but when I learned they had a radio station, that’s when it got exciting.” Soon after, his partner in rhyme, Origix, enrolled in the same program.

Fast forward to 2002 — April 20 to be exact. “Four-twenty, that’s a date we’ll never forget,” laughs D.C. That was the date they first went on-air and, though it was crazy and they were learning on the fly, things have been steadily rolling ever since, as Origix and D.C. have become two of Detroit’s biggest supporters in the rap scene. “We know how hard it is to get your name out there, we remember what it was like before Myspace,” says Origix, who is more than proud to tell me 75 percent of the music they spin during their four hour set is from our area. But they’re also reaching ears far from the 313. “We got listeners on in Australia, England, the Bahamas and Belgium,“ says D.C.

These local rap aficionados of the airwaves are making small splashes across the world, but their heart is, and forever will be, deeply rooted in The D. Though that’s not to say they’re not looking to grow. “Satellite radio is the future and that’s where we’d like to be because we don’t ever want to be at a station that dictates what we play,” says Origix. When asked if they’d consider a move, the two were, as always, eye to eye. “If we went to another station, we’d want to somehow be involved at WHFR,” Origix says, “but the whole point is to reach as many listeners as possible to support the artists in this scene.” This Friday, Origix and D.C. host 2Raw4Detroit featuring Fatt Father, United States of Mind and more at PJ’s Lager House.  | RDW

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