The Record

The Zone 89.3 FM ( April 2007)

By The Record

“I started making rap at age 13.” says Origix, host of The Zone hip-hop radio show, which marked its 5th anniversary last month. “I’ve been listening to rap since way back. My dad was a DJ so I got all the new stuff coming out.”

The Zone airs Saturday night 8 p.m. to midnight on 89.3 FM out of Henry Ford Community College. Origix and his co-host/rap partner/longtime friend, D.C. got the radio show in 2002 while D.C. was attending classes at the school. “My first thought was maybe they’ll play our music,”Origix says. “And they played it. We got into radio just because we wanted to help all the people with good music. We put our stuff aside and just focused on radio. In the last year we got back to doing some recording, but our thing is really radio.

“I listened over and over to every show we’ve done, just picking them apart. Everyday I see something else I want to improve. People think we get paid.”
“I do alot of booking and promoting, not even officially. I’ll just have a group in mind put them in touch with people. I like to bring people to Michigan, and get them shows. I do a lot of music promotion, I’ll send music to other DJs and radio stations. We Just try to help people.” How many commercial FM DJs are trying to help? Not many.