Ill Flow Magazine-Detroit Love!

Detroit Love! (Issue #3, 2007)
Ill Flow Magazine
By Slim

IFM: You guys originally started out as emcees in a group called Fi-Staarz. What made yall get into radio broadcasting?

ZONE: Actually Homie Fi-Staarz was just a project we did right before we got into radio, we Started out with the group Reformed Illuzionz which was Origix & DC, then we formed the group 3rd Dimension with our dog, Weto. We got into broadcasting first off because we always kind of DJ’d parties & I use to put together mix tapes of songs for heads in the Neighborhood and at school to hear songs that I felt ,that I knew many others did not know about and put them up on game you know. But what really got us into it was when we were just making music. We knew so many other artist that were dope we just wanted other heads to hear the same music we did. Then when we found out about 89.3 WHFR.FM because my man Face & this dude Joe P played our music so we knew there was hope to get Local Music heard once again on the radio.

IFM: How do u feel about the Detroit hip-hop scene as of right now?

ZONE: I feel the Detroit Scene is the Sickest Scene on the planet. There’s mad cats out here working together making great Hip Hop. World Wide you talk about the D heads know we got Fire up here now .We have a hand full of artists right now with Record deals and a gang of producers with tracks all over the industry the Mid West is about to Dominate. Thats how we do.

IFM: What local artists would you say gets some of the most requests on your show?

ZONE: Requests change all the time as of right now in 2007 so far Esham, Guilty Simpson, Street Justice, Stretch Money, Black Milk, Rhyme Asylum, The Regiment, Strike, ABK, Chief, Paradime, Grim Reality, Identical, Raw Collection, Fat Killahz, Buff 1 & Lazarus are doing good right now.

IFM: Why do u think other Detroit radio stations don’t really support Detroit artists?

ZONE: Well they are afraid of losing money like any business is. When you do something new to your customers you have to take a chance first and test the market. People in our area would love to see more cats from the D get on if they new the music was available for them. But with out these major radio stations getting behind Detroit artists it really hurts. We play some tracks that are for sure good enough to be on a major outlet but, if they don’t help take them artists to the next level of radio it really hurts there local support. Its hard to talk for them. I’d rather represent us. Somethings got to give.

IFM: Last words on anything else?

ZONE: We’d just like everyone to know that as of 4-20-07 we have been on air for 5 years now giving you a platform to hear underground Hip Hop on the radio, buts its up to you to tell your people that were out here doing our thang and even if your out of listening range you can hear us online any where in the world. Look For The Zone Radio “2 RAW 4 FM” Mixtapes and this year where we will be giving the raw stuff you cant get on FM Radio also look out for The Detroit Remedy Clothing Mix tape vol.2 Hosted by Origix & DC and Mixed by P-Dog The Turntable Bully

IFM: Contacts?
ZONE: The ZONE w/ Origix & DC Saturday’s 8pm-12am (EST) WHFR.FM 89.3FM Detroit
Stream Audio World Wide @ Request 313-845-9676 or 1-800-585-4322 ext.9676